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Thank you Sean for the link!

Aiyoh ... I am so passe but I still love the pantsless lady and her shoulder pads. I am also so passe because I still blog stuff instead of tweeting it or facebooking it! But how else am I supposed to find these links back easily?

This Sam Tsui has the Ukelele (chinese pop group) voice ... which my former choir teacher calls ... "hen you gong ming". So cute this boy leh ... if only I was 15 again.

Of course, there is the Christopher Walken version that makes me really happy too!


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Sandy Lam Said HI To ME!!!


Miss Metallica/Pearl Jam/Iron Maiden/Nirvana T-shirt went for a Chinese concert.

My FIRST Chinese concert (the Chinese orchestra ones during Nanyang days don't count, thank you.) and I'm so glad it was a Sandy Lam concert! Woo Hoo!

I'm not going to give reviews or anything about the concert except:

  1. The tickets were compliments of my brother. So thank you Singtel MIO.
  2. Sandy Lam is a GREAT vocalist!!!
  3. The video wall design was UNREAL and absolutely blew me away.
  4. I only knew 3 songs in the whole concert (which included ""愛上一個不回家的人" and 2 others which I will only know when I hear it again) but I totally enjoyed myself.
  5. When I turn 42, I am going to ask Kim Robinson if he would cut my plebeian hair and make me as gorgeous as Sandy Lam. Donations, however small are most welcome ... starting now. Oh, I accept Paypal.

For the hard core music review stuff ... I'm sure it'll be out in the news soon. Here are some pictures from 26 rows AMSL (above mean STAGE level).

Now time for sideshow news.

My extremely obliging sister took photos with me and the very precious tickets. I just can't conceal my excitement! However, her mood went from superb to disinterested to rolling her eyes. I know, I know ... I took my sister's goodwill (and good mood) too far. At photo #29, I finally got the point.

The most essential item one needs when going to a concert is the lightstick! I contemplated bringing some of the break-and-shake glow sticks because aren't they de rigeur?

Well, luckily we ran out of them at home ... I would have been a complete dunce if I had brought them. Everyone there had light sabers! They weren't just boring Star Wars fluorescent tubes, but actually LED lights that flicker and changes colour! I was fascinated by a group of ardent fans who had RETRACTABLE light popsicles. Yes, you read me right ... RETRACTABLE! For the quick dancy tracks, they pulled it out to its full golf umbrella length glory and pounded it in time with the tempo. For the dreamy ballads, they reduced it to an arm length phallic looking device that drew rainbows in the dark, as far as their arms could reach.

Not to be outdone, I bought a pair of blue air traffic control light tubes for $10 from the roadside vendors. These must be the best investments I've ever made in concert-going history! It made Sandy say HI to me! ME! ME! ME! Even my sister will vouch for it!

Sandy (yes, on first name basis now that we are such chummies) waved at my section of the crowd. As I was the only one with a light stick on the upper block, she said "Shang Mian De Peng You, Ni Hao!" and she was referring to me! ME ME ME! Of which, I screamed in reply "Wo Hen Hao!" OMG OMG OMG! I am a gushing groupie all over again ...

Sandy said HI to ME!!

Somebody's car will be Cantopop filled for the next 2 months ... heh heh heh.

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Uniqlo, I Heart You.


Sian sia ... how come Singapore doesn't have Uniqlo?


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I Want My Sunshine ... My Only Sunshine ...


It makes me happy .. when skies are grey ...
Because I am spastic like that and didn't get any such toys when I was in NYC.

Please buy from


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I Menstruate!


As you can tell ... This garden leave has enabled me to blog incessantly ... I love it!

How can anyone not love these e-cards, I ask you?
All from

Here's my next favourite for all my yummy mummy friends!

Damn straight yo!
Go on! Send Send Send!!!


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More National Mew-Zee-Yerm!


The sun and rain thwarted our zoo plans ... Once again, the National Museum to the rescue!!!

Aided by the know-it-all, we took the strange walk across the grass strip that used to be a road from SMU. I couldn't help but took a look to the left, to the left to make sure we weren't going to be run down by phantom cars.

We bought half price tickets ($5 and $2.50 only!), found our way into the history gallery and were equipped with what Shea called a "contraption" that guided us through the displays and rooms. It was amazing. (I have created a suaku label for the simplest things that's been around that astound me ... and make me feel suaku.) In fact, it made up for Shea's initial disappointment when she found out that her favourite magnet wall has been replaced by prototype furniture.

Side discussion: Are "leave temporary tattoo on user's butt/arms" and "disregard comfort" the criteria for winning local furniture design competitions? It's always some holey furniture that looks exceedingly uncomfortable to sit on unless your butt was 120cm wide and rock hard like an aluminium fridge door - otherwise, the chances of getting a wee piece of flesh caught in the crevices is almost as high as catching rainwater with your upturned mouth in a monsoon.

We spent a scanty two hour at the museum before nature came growling through Shea's tum tum. Sigh ... so off we went for more junk food to call it a day.

And for reminiscing sake, here's mini Shea at more museums ... more than 2 years ago. Sigh ... how children grow hor?

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