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Pencil Porn


I collect pencils.

It started out as a souvenir scavange of a travelling schoolgirl. Pencils or postcards are the cheapest things you can buy when you are but a 14 year old let loose in the streets of Europe. I chose pencils because you can sometimes get them for free ... just knick them off the check-in counters of hotels and exhibitions.

The collection of pencils I have is sitting somewhere in Jurong, warehoused a carton box, waiting for the day of glory to arrive so that they can finally see the world.

I miss my pencils.

For that, I will leave you with the schweeeeetest eye candy I've laid my eyes on for a long time. 500 colour pencils from Social Designer, mailed to you in a torturous ritual of 25 colours x 20 months.

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OVI-rian Cancer.


Just when I thought I found the answer to my phone synching woes (wonky bluetooth connection to the laptop lah) ... came along.

Just when I happily uploaded all 1325 contacts online ... added photos ... changed details ... it freaking corrupted my data.

Just when I was looking forward to seeing faces on my callers/callees ... no photos appeared except on the online version.

Nokia ... Like that how can? How can your data back-up service make me lose my data?

3 hours of enthusiasm lost.
30 contacts lost.
With nothing on your forum to address this cheetoad issue ...

And now, I'm back to Outlook on my wonky bluetooth connection.

Ovi ... FAIL!
Wake me up when you are out of beta.
Mucho angry!

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