'Tis The Season To Have Babies: 29

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In a land far, far away filled with pappadums, there lived a princess. Her name was Avisha. She was the most beautiful and only girl (for now) who lived in this wonderful land, filled with love, daddy, mummy, friends, tutus, pappadums and DORA the explorer!

Avisha is the heartmelter, smile-inducer, sweetie pie of homie Daniel and Felicia. I have absolutely no idea why I took so long to post a blog of her but it's never too late! Such a lovely baby who has grown up to be such a Dora the Explorer doppelganger. There's got to be a look-alike contest somewhere that this girl must win!

Avisha welcomes her guests with a wave of the national pappadum flag. "Welcome to MY party!!" she said, as pink daddy king restrains her excitement. Damn straight little bella ... it's YOUR party!

Even Shea couldn't resist cuddling this little power puff girl (who was still holding on to her pappadum flag). Meanwhile, here's a shout-out to Joe in the background with that most priceless look of surprise ever caught on my camera!

Now, here's the tearjerker part. Sunny LOVES this photo lah! I never thought he was one who will ever play with kids but the DJ has been chasing me for eons for this photo of him and Avisha. Sorry about Avisha's Rosamund-Kwan-like look of elegant boh-chup-ness ... but here's your photo!

Finally, a re-enactment of the Far East Organisation photo of the original 3. The photo from years yonder is sitting safely somewhere and don't worry ... I will protect it with my life and photos of Sunny with hair will never surface.

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